Air fried crispy pork belly

By connie veneracion

This recipe works for one kilogram of pork belly cooked in a 1400W air fryer. The roasting temperature is 200C. If you have a smaller or larger slab of meat, or if your air fryer has a different wattage, you'll have to adjust the roasting time.

1 slab skin-on pork belly (one kilogram in weight) 2 heaping tablespoons salt ½ teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper 1 bay leaf 4 cloves garlic (no need to peel) 1 shallot (no need to peel 1 one-inch knob ginger (no need to peel)


Step 1

Simmer the pork

Place the pork belly in a deep pan or pot and pour in enough water to cover. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the pork is tender and the skin is gelatinous.

Tip 1: The cooking liquid will evapororate during cooking but do not be tempted to pour in additional water. That will dilute the flavors. Tip 2: If you’re worried that the pork won’t cook evenly, turn it on its sides occasionally. Tip 2: Scoop out the pork and rest on a rack for at least 15 minutes to allow the juices to stabilize.

Step 2

Air fry the pork belly

Transfer the pork belly to the air fryer basket skin side up. Roast at 200C for seven minutes.

Step 3

Turn the pork belly for even cooking

Turn the pork belly on its side and roast at 200C for five minutes.  Turn the pork belly on its other side and roast at 200C for another five minutes. Reposition the pork belly with the skin side up and roast at 200C for ten minutes.

Air fried crispy pork belly

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