A rice cooker recipe

Cajun chicken and sausage rice

By Connie Veneracion

Decades ago, rice cookers were just that. Then, they evolved and they haven't stopped evolving.

Today, rice cookers are multi-cookers. You can even fry in some of them.

This Cajun chicken and sausage rice was cooked in a rice cooker from start to finish.

Wanna make it? First, check your rice cooker manual to make sure that you can saute and lightly fry in it. Not all rice cookers have this feature.

Did that manual say you can saute and brown meat in your rice cooker? Okay, click / swipe to see how you can use it to cook Cajun chicken and sausage rice.

Brown chicken fillets


Coat the bottom of the cooker with oil and brown chicken fillets on both sides.

Saute vegetables


Scoop out the chicken, melt butter in the cooker and saute onion, carrot and celery with salt and pepper.

Add all ingredients


Cut the semi-cooked chicken and add to the vegetables. Sprinkle in Cajun seasoning, then stir in sausage and rice.



Pour broth into the cooker, cover and boil for a few minutes.

Frozen peas


Stir in peas (frozen is okay), cover the cooker and continue cooking until the rice is done.

Serve with lemon


Serve with lemon wedges that can be squeezed over the rice.