Ultimate Guide to Ramen Broth

Connie Veneracion

Cheese and kimchi ramen

Cook a pack of instant ramen, add mushrooms, pork slices and kimchi. Top with cheese slices and leave to melt.

Sweet soy sauce pork belly ramen

A variation of nikujaga, the Japanese beef and potato stew, thick slices of pork belly and instant ramen are used in this recipe.

Miso ramen with shrimp wonton and shiitake

Did you know that wonton and shiitake are great additions to basic miso soup?

Shrimp and fish ball ramen

When you just aren’t in the mood to cook, there’s such a thing as a pantry dish. This is one of them. 

Ginger pork ramen

Two packs of instant ramen were combined with ginger pork, shiitake, bok choy, pickled ginger and sesame paste to make a full meal for two!

Quick and easy miso ramen

In this inspired hack, spinach, pork and seaweeds were added to a pack of instant ramen to make a delicious one bowl meal.


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